The student debt with a human face

Everyday we hear about the student debt crisis. All we hear is number: 3 trillions of dollars of student loans, 60% of students who have taken a loan, an average of 26 000 $ per loan,…

Well, enough with numbers! Behind the number, there are humans. Around us, we hear the story of people who could not afford college anymore and give up, people who have so much debt that after graduation, are defaulting their debts.

With the web-documentary MY LIFE IN DEBT, we want to show how much some people suffer from their debt contracted because they wanted to learn and get a good education. Loans are not only numbers, there are stories of men and women who try to make their life better, hoping that all the sacrifices they have made will be worth it someday.

Kelly McGowan-1-5

Kelly McGowan, our first interviewee


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