The teaser is out!

The teaser is available in French (VOST) Premier teaser (vost) from Nastasia Peteuil on Vimeo. And in English First teaser MY LIFE IN DEBT from Nastasia Peteuil on Vimeo. Let us know what do you think about it! Advertisements

The student debt with a human face

Everyday we hear about the student debt crisis. All we hear is number: 3 trillions of dollars of student loans, 60% of students who have taken a loan, an average of 26 000 $ per loan,… Well, enough with numbers! Behind the number, there are humans. Around us, we hear the story of people who … Continue reading

The value of education

I went to meet UMass student at the Student Union to asked them why are they paying so much for education and if does it still worth it. Kelly and Andy are talking about education and its costs. The value of education from Nastasia Peteuil on Vimeo.

The multimedia story starts here, with you

Wannabes journalists, we decided to launch an important project: a web-documentary. Mixing photographs, video and sound, we want to share the story of thousands of American people who are in debts due to their education. My life in debt wants to show the daily life of students or former students who encounters difficulties facing their … Continue reading